Tech that Walks on Water

For Headwater Technologies®, it’s not just about designing any solution. It’s about bringing the right products and technologies to the table for each project. That’s what we mean by ‘full-service.’ No two facilities or water streams are exactly the same, so it stands to reason that each water treatment system will require a unique solution.

We offer products that address water quality concerns from pre-treatment through disposal. Our team works with you to design and implement the water treatment system that meets the demands of your operation and budget.

Our network spans the globe. We bring that far-reaching expertise and experience to work on your project so that you can get back to the business of doing business. Let us introduce you to the Headwater way and put your water treatment concerns to rest.

  • Membranes for reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration
  • Selective media for trace heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, selenium, mercury, thallium and PFOS/PFOA
  • Activated carbons, such as coal, wood, coconut shell and lignite
  • Specialty media for phosphate, nitrate, hydrocarbons, and pH adjustment
  • Proprietary filtration products
  • Multimedia filtration
  • Liquid/solid separators
  • Oil/water separators
  • Tanks, valves, pumps, piping and other equipment
  • Chemical feed and control